By Abhishek Mohanty

Language serves as a measure of culture and inclusion in the world of Wikipedia. Yet this is trickier than we think.

On their website, the Wikimedia Foundation states that it aims to ‘provides the essential infrastructure for free knowledge’. A ticker runs on the screen, espousing this…

Data walk reflections in locked-down London

Introduction: Of data walks and the pandemic

A little over 32 years ago, the alternative rock band R.E.M. released a song which prophetically imagined an apocalyptic world which people nonetheless quickly adjusted to, as they sang, ‘Its the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine’…

July, 2020

With the Coronavirus threatening (or promising) to impact the existing entanglements of people, information, networks, capital and technology, the engendered reconfigurations are bound to change the way people work and live, and consequently consume and experience media. ‘Globally, average daily torrent downloads from January to February [in 2020]…

LagomWorks: Research, Design and Innovation

LagomWorks is an applied anthropology and ethnographic research-led design and innovation consulting firm.

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